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We provide home appliance repair services in Dubai. We fix all major appliances, including the dryer. At one call, we can fix any brand or model of dryer. To schedule a dryer repair appointment in Dubai, please contact our service adviser. We’ll be looking for your households. Both commercial and residential appliances are serviced quickly and effectively by NTS Appliance Repair.


Dryer Repair dubai

Don’t worry if your dryer is acting strangely; NTS Appliances Repair Services is here to help. Our technicians are extremely polite and helpful, and they have a wealth of knowledge. We have highly skilled and experienced professionals who will complete your service quickly and carefully, taking care of your dryer and its components. NTS Appliances Repair Services is the finest place to go if you need complete appliance servicing and repair. We also offer a list of common Dryer symptoms that will assist you learn more about your dryer. And getting in touch with us isn’t difficult; simply schedule an appointment using our web form and describe the symptoms your appliance is exhibiting, and we’ll teach you how to troubleshoot the issues swiftly and affordably. All of our work and parts come with a warranty.

Our technicians are extremely polite and helpful, and they have a wealth of knowledge.

Contact us at 052 1616545 (Shop Phone).

Why Should You Use NTS Appliance Repair in Dubai?

Don’t worry about choosing an appliance repair service to handle your home’s demands; NTS Appliances Repairing Services will guide you through the process. NTS Appliances is a company that specialises in dryer repairs of all kinds. Whether it’s Samsung dryer repair, whirlpool dryer repair, Maytag dryer repair, or any other sort of dryer repair in Dubai, we can handle it. NTS Appliances Repair offers high-quality services for both residential and commercial appliances. You don’t have to be concerned about your broken dryer Repair in Dubai when you work with us. In Dubai, we can repair and service any brands and any types of dryers with simply a phone call. We are the best choice for Dryer Repair Parts, Dryer Repair Service, Dryer Technician in Dubai, Samsung Dryer Repair, LG Dryer Repair, Panasonic Dryer Repair in Dubai, Daewoo Dryer Repair in Dubai, Siemens Dryer Repair in Dubai, Hisense Dryer Repair in Dubai, LG Dryer Repair in Dubai, Elekta Dryer Repair in Dubai, and Super General Dryer Repair in Dubai. The work is of very high quality, with great finishing. Our group is extremely pleasant and helpful. We have professional and experienced technicians who will complete your task in a timely manner while taking care of your dryer and its accessories. NTS Appliances Repair Services is the finest place to go if you need complete servicing and repair. We also offer a list of common indicators in dryers that might assist you learn more about your dryer.

List of the Best Dryers

Samsung, LG Electronics, Roper Industries, Bosch, Electrolux, Maytag, Hotpoint, Kitchen Aid, Magic Chef, RCA, Amana Corporation, Fagor, Miele, and Haier are among the major appliance manufacturers.


Parts of a dryer that may need to be replaced

Blade of a blower fan Door catch, door strike, and door switch are all terms used to describe how a door works. Drum, Drum glide bearing, Drum support roller kit, Electronic control board, Drive belt, Drive motor, Drum, Drum glide bearing, Drum support roller kit, Electronic control board Drum seal made of felt, Flame Detector, Coil kit for gas valves, Heating element, Heater relay Thermostat with a high safety limit, Idler pulley, Idler pulley bracket, Idler pulley tension spring, Idler pulley, Idler pulley, Idler pulley, Idler pulley, Idler pulle Igniter, Relay for motors Timer, Thermistor, Thermocouple, Thermocouple, Thermocouple, Thermo Thermostat control, power cord


Dryer Repair Dubai


Dryer Repair Issues:

The following are the issues that require dryer repair:

  1. If the noise is caused by the dryer.
  2. Even after safely plugging in the dryer, it won’t start or work.
  3. The dryer won’t heat up, or there’s a problem with the thermostat or another heating element.
  4. Dryer Fuse Blows
  5. The dryer begins to emit heat or smoke..
  6. The dryer is out of balance or isn’t moving in the appropriate direction.

Many more issues can arise, so fix your dryer before it suffers major harm.

The construction and finishing are both excellent. Our employees are really friendly and helpful.

In Dubai, we provide expert level Dryer repair services for all Brands of Dryers.

One Of The Following Problems Could Affect Your Dryer:

Dryer Repair Faq\’s

It can happen when the drain pipe is clogged, which is readily remedied, but there are other possibilities as well. If you can’t figure out what the problem is, it’s best to consult a professional to avoid any further damage.

If your dryer does not spin even when the power is turned on, you may have a significant problem. First and foremost, you must turn off your dryer to avoid any potential dangers such as a short circuit or wire burning. Then contact a professional Dryer repair service.

If your dryer emits a burning odour, you have a significant problem. You must not touch it or attempt to switch it on again. Simply contact a service representative for quick preventative measures as well as maintenance and repair of your Dryer.

Leakage in the dryer can lead to additional serious issues with your dryer, such as a short circuit or the burning of other electrical components. NTS Appliance Repair will evaluate and repair your Dryer as soon as possible.

When a dryer makes a loud noise, it could be due to a broken or worn part, or it could be due to the rattle of a pump motor, the screaming of a belt, or worn tub bearings.

If the dryer won’t switch on, it could be a minor issue with the plug or power source, but if these things appear to be in working order, you should call a professional specialist. NTS Appliance Repair is a team of professional Dryer technicians who are always willing to assist our customers.

Dryer Repair Tips

  1. Make sure you’re safely plugged in because we sometimes forget to do so, preventing the dryer from starting.
  2. That your dryer isn’t working, check to see if all of the switches that are linked to it are plugged in and functional. Then double-check your power box to ensure that the dryer’s inability to start isn’t due to your carelessness.
  3. If your dryer is working or moving but not heating or drying your clothing properly, the fault is most likely with the thermostat or thermal resistor in the dryer’s backside. So, double-check it and keep your dryer from overheating.
  4. Always use a voltage metre to verify the temperature sensor to see if it is working properly. This can greatly assist you in getting your dryer to work faster and more efficiently.
  5. Before putting clothes in the dryer, make sure there are no coins in the dryer, zips are zipped, and you have taken out all coins, cell phones, and keys from your pocket.
  6. If your dryer isn’t balanced properly or is still making noise for no apparent reason, adjust the level.
  7. Don’t put too much in your dryer.
  8. Always clean your filter before drying anything..
  9. Examine the instructions and read it thoroughly. Don’t always hire pricey consultants; first, do it yourself, but only after reading the instructions.
  10. A malfunctioning thermal fuse might cause heating issues in the dryer; to avoid this, you should check it on a regular basis.

We also offer a variety of home appliance repair services.

Our Services

AC Repair Dubai

No.1 Service Provider for AC Repair Dubai. We provide air conditioning installation, maintenance, repair, and service, as well as air conditioning parts repair and replacement. Under the supervision of an expert AC technician in Dubai, we repair all brands of air conditioners.

In Dubai, we offer home appliance repair services. All main appliances, including the dryer, are repaired by us. At one call, we can fix any brand or model of dryer. To schedule a dryer repair appointment in Dubai, please contact our service adviser.

Do you consider appliance repair and service to be a serious matter? NTS Appliances Repair Services offers high quality repair and maintenance services for your household appliances. NTS Appliance Repair Services is the finest choice for both commercial and residential appliance repair because we get the job done fast and efficiently. 

Concerned about the cost of Electric Stove Repair in Dubai? NTS Home Appliances Repair is a leading provider of electric stove repair services in Dubai. In Dubai, NTS Appliances Repair is the best option for both commercial and residential appliance repair. Our skilled home appliance specialists get the job done fast and effectively.

Dishwasher Repair

For dishwasher repair, we provide high-quality, experienced technicians. Within 24 hours, your dishwasher will be serviced. Dishwasher Repair is one of our specialties. We can fix all other types of household appliances.

Fridge Repair in Dubai is a service that is need of everyone. You will definitely look for expert fridge repair service provider in Dubai. Luckily you are at right place. We are providing same-day Fridge repairing services in Dubai.

An ice maker is one of the most crucial household appliances, and it may be extremely inconvenient if it breaks down. NTS Appliances Repair understands how to care for your ice maker and provides high-quality ice machine repair services in Dubai.

Do you need your washing machine repaired in Dubai? NTS Appliances Repair offers a comprehensive washing machine repair and servicing solution in Dubai at an affordable price. In addition, we offer a full range of appliance repair and service in Dubai.

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