NTS Appliances Repair in Dubai

TV Repair In Arabian Ranches 2 Dubai

Our expert technicians can repair LED, OLED, LCD Tv with a guarantee. So, if you are looking for professional TV Repair Technicians in Dubai, then contact us today. Our experience home appliances technicians will come to repair your TV. 

NTS TV Repair in Dubai

Get Your TV’s Performance Restored

TV Repair In Arabian Ranches 2 Dubai

In this fast-growing age of multimedia, where every technology is changed into the latest technology daily, where we want to watch lots of high-resolution TV programs to enjoy ourselves, it is mandatory that our TV’s performance should be as great as the program demands. Sometimes, some major or minor issues occur and affect your TV/LCD’s performance badly. At NTS Appliances Repair, we offer affordable and reliable TV/LCD repair services. We are experienced TV repair technicians in Dubai, we fix all kinds of Television issues for all TV brands.  Our team is up to date with the latest and new models of Televisions. We are here to give you a quick response for your TV repair that will save your time and effort to take your TV to the market.

Why Choose Our TV Repair In Arabian Ranches 2 Dubai


We use prime standard and high-quality parts, so to ensure longevity in our repairing services. We never leave the place until you find your Air Conditioner functioning flawlessly again.


Just let us know about your problem and our expert will be at your location in no time. We make sure to fix your TV within the same day without compromising the quality repairing.


Worried about prices? We guarantee no one can beat our quoted prices and rates. Our ultimate focus is to facilitate people with affordable and cost-effective appliance repair services all across Dubai.

We have Professional Technicians for TV Repair In Arabian Ranches 2 Dubai

NTS TV Repair in Dubai

Quick TV Repair In Arabian Ranches 2 Dubai

Being TV repair experts we offer reliable and efficient TV repair services for all brands. Our state-of-the-art technology is Samsung TV Repair, LG TV repair, Panasonic TV Repair, and all other latest models TV repair service provider in Dubai, UAE. Our TV/LCD repair engineers/technicians are highly qualified and have years of experience in providing quick and efficient TV/LCD repair services. Our technicians use a standard set of tools, specialized electronics tools, standard wire, and specialized materials to provide better results. Our expert technicians allow us to match the best repair service providers based on your specific TV/LCD repair needs. Call us today to make a booking for the repair of your TV at 0521 616545

Common errors that occur in TV/LCD/LED

Sometimes our TV starts to squash, crop, or stretch the pictures on the Television screen. Regardless of brands, it is a common error that occurs and your television might display disrupted images. It is an annoying situation as at this position you can’t enjoy your TV programs.  These problems occur when the picture size is changed or you have HD channels that required more signal strength. Our TV Technician in Dubai can give your a better setting for HD channels according to UAE and can fix this issue without delay.

Sound problems with TV can occur due to a loose connection of speakers with the Audio/Video receiver of television. This is the second big problem with TV after screen errors. It can be resolved by checking the audible with external speakers to verify if the speakers are causing the error or audible. 

If your screen has lines, or the lines run through the whole screen, or if the screen is cracked then you have to replace the screen panel. Changing of panel is not a cost-effective repair.

When your TV, LCD or liquid crystal display shows you a blank screen, there might be some different problems like backlight, power inverter and power supply issues.  It could be difficult to change the TV or LCD. These sort of issues can solved with a minimal amount or work. In this regard, NTS Appliances Repair offers you affordable and reliable TV/LCD repair services.

You might observe the issue like your TV/LCD blinks after you put the switch on or the display screen appears after 10 minutes. This issue occurs because of the problems in capacitors or the corruption of an integrated circuit in the main board. To solve all these type of severe issues, just give us a call to hire our experienced TV/LCD technicians.

More Home Appliances Repair Services That We Provide.

NTS Appliances Best TV Repair In Arabian Ranches 2 Dubai

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Sometimes consumers have to force to deal with appliance repair companies who send untrained technicians to their home. Not at NTS Appliance Repair Services. We can imagine how bad experience that is. But not at NTS Appliance Repair Services.


Are your appliances not performing up to your standards? Get the help from NTS Appliances Repair Services anytime and anywhere, we are here to help you with highly professional and trained technicians of our company.


You don’t have to worry about the incompleteness of work, whenever you hire services at NTS Appliance Repair Services. You will be assured by us whenever and wherever you call our technicians’ team that we send at your doorstep. We are proud of giving guarantees for our all work.

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